Our Grass-Fed Beef


Facts about our Grass-Fed Beef

 Crispin Grass-Fed Beef strives to produce and sell quality Murray Grey grass-fed beef directly to our customers so that they may enjoy the flavor and health benefits that Murray Grey grass-fed beef provides, and at a price that most can afford. In order to do this, we sell in volume; and, that allows us to cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to our customers and yet provide the great flavor and health benefits of Murray Grey grass-fed beef.  

Crispin Grass-Fed Beef uses the genetics of the Murray Grey breed that is known world wide for their superior carcass qualities and tenderness genes.  The production of quality Crispin Murray Grey grass-fed beef is not a fast process. All animals are born here on the ranch, usually in the spring, and spend their first summer by their mother's side eating green grass and drinking mother's milk. In the winter time, they are placed on the green vegetative growth of triticale pasture. Animals are harvested in their second year. This allows the animals to mature and be grass-finished at just over 2 years of age.   This is a long process, but one that we feel is necessary in order for Crispin Murray Grey grass-fed beef to be of top quality.  When the process takes this long, we must make long range plans to plan the availability of Crispin Murray Grey grass-fed beef to our customers. In our planning process, we make every effort to let our customers know when our beef will be available and the price so that they can plan and budget for their purchase.  We are currently using a variety of pastures suited for different times of the year to allow us to be able to provide grass-fed beef year around.   

We are aware that there can be great confusion when producers talk about live weight, dressed weight, etc and the customer may wonder, “How much beef am I actually getting and what will be the cost?” The customer must understand that in nature, no two animals are exactly alike and will vary in weight when harvested. In order to minimize this confusion, Crispin Murray Grey markets our beef in several options.

   1.  Mini Pak (approx. 20 lbs  (contains steaks, roasts, hamburger)

(2 Ribeye, 2 T-Bone, Sirloin, Roast and approx 11 lbs hamburger)
   2.  Variety Pack  (approx 40 lbs.)  (contains steaks, roasts, hamburger)
   2. 25% of a beef (approx 100 lbs.)
   3. 50% of a beef   (approx 200 lbs)
   4. 100% of a beef  (approx 400 lbs)
   5.  5% Premium Hamburger Pack (approx 20 lbs.)  Our hamburger is
"not" scraps with added fat.
   6.  10% Premium Hamburger Pack (approx 40 lbs.) 

 Our price to you will include processing and vacuum packaging and will be based on the actual weight of the beef that you will put into your freezer. 

Vacuum packaging significantly increases the shelf live of beef. It will still be good at a year or more in your freezer.  Crispin Murray Grey Grass-Fed beef is processed by a family-owned State-inspected facility at Weatherford, Oklahoma. Our beef must meet all health standards and purity standards for beef in the State of Oklahoma. You can be assured that our beef meets all the safety requirements for the safety of your family.  We have been inspected by the State of Oklahoma and have met all their requirements.