Purchase Prices/Options


Purchase Prices/Options

Fall Prices  -  Stock up  

 We will have 20 Lb Mini Variety Paks available for sale at OKC Public Farmers Market.   

These contain 2 Rib-eye, 2 T-Bone, Sirloin, one Roast and Premium lean hamburger. 

 We also have individuals cuts available for sale if you don't have freezer space or only want certain items.  

Our beef is state inspected and satisfaction is guaranteed.     

Beef can be picked up at

OKC Public Farmers Market(Year Around)

If you are closer to Thomas, OK. we can arrange to pick it up there. 


No payment until beef is picked up  We take approved checks, cash or Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit or debit      

Crispin Grass-Fed Beef Options (Subject to availability)      

1.  Mini Pak (20 Lbs) $7.25/Lb = $145.00

   2.  Variety Pak (40 Lbs) $700/Lb = $280.00 

This is 2 Mini Paks but at $10 saving  for buying two at once.

3.  25% Share (100 Lbs) $6.95/Lb = $695.00                          

4.  50% Share (200 Lbs) $6.90/Lb. = $1,380.00  (If reserved early before processing, may be custom processed to your specifications)

   5.  100% Share (400 Lbs) $6.80/Lb. = $2,720.00   (If reserved early before processing, may be custom processed to your specifications)

6.   Premium Lean Hamburger (20 Lbs.) $6.25/Lb. = $125.00  ***Great Buy****
7.   Premium Lean Hamburger (40 Lbs) $6.25/LB - $250.00
Mini Pak is a Variety Pak that is very popular for those just starting out with grass-fed beef or for those with just one or two people in the family.  We have these available at the Farmers Markets on Saturday's and Tuesday's

As a reminder, the % Share is that % of all the cuts in the animal. For example, a 25% Share is 25% of all the steaks, roasts and hamburger in the animal.
 Total meat received will be approx. 100 lbs. ready for your freezer. This is a
ready to cook weight, not a hanging weight.  Hanging weight still has all the waste, trim, and bones lost during processing, but which you still pay for. Multiply by 2 for 50% Share or by 4 for 100% Share As a general guide, 100 pounds of meat will fit in about 4.5 cu. ft. of cooler/freezer space. The empty freezer compartment of an average‐sized home refrigerator will usually hold one eighth
of a beef (roughly 50 lbs). Quantities larger than this will require a stand‐alone freezer or another
refrigerator‐freezer. A stand‐alone freezer will usually store meat better because it has the capability to
store meat at a colder temperature. Frozen beef will keep a very high quality for up to 12 - 16 months,
after which quality will begin to slowly degrade.
(Meat will remain safe to eat longer if kept frozen and is vaccum packed and the seal is not broken.   Satisfaction Guaranteed     

We understand that people want the very best for their family and therefore want to know where their food comes from. Our family has raised beef in western Oklahoma since the late 1890's.  Crispin Grass-Fed Beef has been raising and marketing our grass-fed beef for the last 9 years.  We use Murray Grey Cattle. Murray Grey's originated in Australia and have always been a grass-fed breed and have a tenderness gene that many other cattle don't have.  Our beef is raised here on the Ranch. All animals are grass fed and finished until they are ready for your table. Almost all cattle are grass fed during the early part of their lives.  The difference is: Grass Finished are never fed grain, either in the pasture or in the feedlot.  Our animals are not fed in the pasture or feedlot with grain and are handled as humanely as possible.We use no antibiotics or hormones.  We use the very best genetics possible and several of our bulls have been tested for the tenderness gene and scored the maximum score possible.   Our number one goal is to provide you with the very best healthy beef with the flavor and tenderness that you want and deserve.  

Let us know your suggestions as to how we can better serve your needs.  

Healthy – Tender – Tastes Great

  Nothing Better !!!!!  

Thanks for your interest in our beef and thank you for your business. 

You are very much appreciated.